When it comes to bodybuilding, muscle building supplements come to mind almost instantly. It has become quite common for adults to use muscle steroids for increased human growth. Essentially, steroids are nothing but chemical compounds similar to hormones that give accelerated growth & development and help to fight stress. Animal bodies produce steroids naturally which enable them to have high muscle strength. But the important question is, Are muscle steroids any good? Do they help our bodies do anything better? What are the prominent side effects of using them? Do they cause any permanent damage?





As we all would have noticed, some people working out in the gym demonstrate exceptional growth and muscle development. Naturally, we know what is working for them. But what happens to our body when using muscle steroids The answer lies under the microscope. Upon the steroid intake, our body increases protein synthesis in muscle tissue and training intensity also increases which is the result of androgen support. The increased intensity of the body enables the user to take higher workload which then provides a boost to the trained muscles. During this, the muscles begin to adapt thereby growing stronger.  It can help some people with reduced muscle growth to develop a stable body structure. However, there is a dark side to it.


Any chemical injected into our body naturally does wear off after a certain period. Once the body has finished synthesizing products and byproducts from the chemicals injected, the drug wears off. Similarly, it happens with the muscle steroids too. In order to continue to have accelerated growth in the body, the user has to keep the intake of muscle steroids regularly. Once the intake stops, the body begins to feel the loss of the stimulus it received previously under the effect of the drug. Hence, the effects wear off too. The body begins to experience reduced energy levels and decreased muscle intensity. That’s just the bad part. Increased intake leads to liver failure, high BP and male physical characteristics begin to appear in females and vice versa. That’s not all,when using steroids, the body produces excess muscle , and the natural production of testosterone reduces. When the user stops taking them, the body experiences deficiency of estrogen which it received from steroids and since testosterone production is already reduced, it leads to muscle mass degradation and feminine behavior.


Contrary to what’s known to us and informed by the media, it is believed by some pro bodybuilders   and even footballers that the reactions achieved by victims are less likely to occur from steroid usage and more because of the constant habit of drug usage. There are certain people who inject muscle steroids regularly such as Matt Ogus  steroids  but fail to show any side effects. There is also a question is Bradley Martyn natural or does he use steroids.  It may work differently for some people, which is not certain at this point. But in the end , it is certain that the risk outweighs the benefits of the drug. Unless needed, it is best not to disturb the natural order of the body in order to avoid any permanent damage that could happen otherwise.

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